Measure 21-177

Measure 21-177 is unnecessary government overstretch that will threaten Lincoln County’s heritage and local economy.

Our farmers and foresters have worked for decades to keep our lands healthy and productive. The Measure would force businesses and local government offices to use less effective practices, putting people and their livelihoods at risk. This all-out ban aerial spraying of pesticides in Lincoln County removes a strong tool that our farmers and foresters need to protect the Oregon. Local blueberry, Christmas tree, and hazelnut farmers require spraying to compete in a global market. Foresters depend on spraying to stop invasive species like scotch broom and Himalayan blackberry from crowding out new seedlings. Forestry spraying typically occurs no more than two to three times over a 40-60 year growth cycle in order to help young trees grow. Local health officials rely on spraying to kill mosquitoes during outbreaks of West Nile Virus, Zika, and other invasive diseases.

Spraying is tightly regulated by federal and state law, ensuring the public and environment is protected. Measure 21-177 will only serve to needlessly tie the hands of local businesses and government, costing us jobs and putting the public at risk.

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